Chicago Chinatown Attractions

Chinatown Attractions

Double Li

This wonderful restaurant serves only the best traditional Szechwan dishes. Some of the specialties that they serve include fried chili chicken, basil garlic chicken, and garlic beef tips with black pepper sprinkled over them. There are a number of other dishes that you can choose from as well, and they have one of the cleanest establishments with the best service. Their dishes usually cost around $12, and are on the affordable range for dining.

If you would like to visit them, and taste some of their wonderful dishes you can go to 228 W Cermak Road in Chinatown. If you want to learn more about their menu or services, they can be called at 312 842 7818.

Lao Beijing

This restaurant has one of the longest menus out there. Take some time to read through all of the wonderful dishes that they serve. One of their best dishes is the Beijing Duck. It consists of a three course meal. You will receive soup, salad, and Mandarin pancakes with wonderfully crisp duck skin, duck meat, and steamed vegetables. These are assembled right next to you for when you’re ready. The restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere, and wonderfully bright colors of green and yellow.

If you would like to visit this fine restaurant, you can see them at 2138 S Archer Ave. To get information prior to showing up, call them at 312 881 0168. They are open from Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., except for Sundays when they close at 10 p.m.

Lao Shanghai

Although the restaurant is anything other than quiet, you can still find great food inside. They have a large menu to choose from, and one of their specialty dishes: raison de etre is one of the hottest menu items. You can also order some of the most scrumptious tiny dumplings that are perfect for dunking. They are filled with broth and pork meatballs. They are cured in bright red bean sauce for perfection. There are many other delicious items on the menu that you can choose if those two do not peak your tastes.

If you would like to stop by to try some of these tasty treats then you can go to 2163 S China Place. Call ahead of time for menu or service information at 312 808 0830. They are nestled right in the heart of Chinatown.

Ten Ren Tea and Ginseng Co. of Chicago Ltd.

This is one of the most popular tea shops in Chinatown. Simply because of all the selections of tea they have to choose from. They also sell items for tea making, and much more. Tourists and locals visit to find out what is in store for their every tea need. Sample the tea before purchasing it since they allow you a taste test to ensure that you like it before you buy it. They offer tea leaves and ginseng by the bag. They also carry several grades of the same tea. This allows you to choose what price fits your budget.

If you would like to visit and get some warm smooth tea they are located at 2247 S Wentworth Ave in Chinatown. You can also call ahead of time to see if they have your favorite tea in stock at 312 842 1171.

Yee Heung Seafood House

They are open late night which is one of the best things about this restaurant. They serve only the finest and freshest seafood. They have a tank stocked with fresh shell fish for you to choose from. They offer chop suey, chow mein, and chow fun for some of their Mandarin and Cantonese dishes. A lot of the tables have Lazy Susans for you to enjoy each other’s dishes with.

Visiting is only a skip away while in Chinatown. Visit for some great food in a wonderful restaurant at 225 W Cermak Road. You can call ahead for reservations or to check out the menu at 312 326 3171.

Wendella Boats and Chicago Water Taxi

This scenic tour, and great way to get around is a favorite of tourists. They offer some of the best rides throughout the city in the river. This is wonderful when you would rather not jump on the crowded bus or train. They offer affordable pricing wherever you are, and they make sure your ride is worthwhile.


Chinatown New Year

This is one of the biggest cultural celebrations for Chinatown. They offer a large selection of food, shops, and fun for the whole family. A parade kicks of the celebrations for the New Year. Wearing red to the festival is encouraged to bring good luck for the future year. Not only do they have the shops to visit and perhaps by a specialty item from, but traditional and cultural activities are also taking part within the celebration.

The parade starts at 1 p.m., and the festivities go on throughout the day. They walk through the streets, and the festivities are throughout all of the blocks in Chinatown.

Chinese New Year Festival and Parade – Chicago

Keep Chinatown Beautiful

This event is to help keep Chinatown clean and beautiful. This is for the tourists and the people who reside in Chinatown. Living in a debris free, as well as clean community is better for anyone who passes through, or has to deal with being in the community every day. Find out how you can become a volunteer and help keep Chinatown green by emailing them at

This is held every third Saturday of the month, and anyone is welcome to join in. They circle throughout the streets and blocks of Chinatown.

Temple Street Market Festival

This is one of the largest street festivals of the year. It goes on throughout the year each weekend for tourists and residents of Chinatown. They offer a large selection of booths and tents to purchase herbs, produce, and goods from. All of the items are affordably marked, and you can even stop by one of the food booths to grab a bite to eat. This is an Asian cultural shopping event that you do not want to miss out on when visiting Chinatown in Chicago.

They are holding the festival at Temple Street, and expanding throughout the whole Chinatown Square. If you would like more information about the Temple Street Market Festival then you can call them at 312 842 8800.

Autumn Moon Festival

This is another large festival within Chinatown in Chicago. Throughout the streets of Chinatown, you will find an assortment of booths and tents with wonderful surprises. If you would like to purchase goods and gifts during your visit then these booths have some of the best gifts for affordable prices. Walking all day? Sit down at a restaurant on the block, have a bite to eat of one of the traditional dishes that they serve. There are also cultural activities that take flight when you visit. Hands on fun, and crafts for the whole family. One of the most noted delicacy of this festival are the moon cakes that they serve.

It is held in the months of autumn, and anyone is welcome to join. Admission is free, and the festival lasts the whole weekend.